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Embracing Every Moment - new album!!!

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Mastered by Brad Apple

Musicans: Tim Crouch, Doug Deforest, L. Paradise Studio (vocals)

Photos: Kathryn Dragna Photography

Design: Tiny Empire Design



“A captivating beat with fun lyrics that every woman can relate to. A great mixture of background instrumentals. Tena’s powerful vocals and noteable musicianship throughout the album prove that she can hold her own among artists such as Faith Hill and Martina McBride.”

Erin Bukofsky, Editor, Bryan Farrish Music, 2009


“Tena’s delivery is dripping with emotion, and her songs are some of the best I've heard. Working with her in the studio is one of life's great joys.”

Doug Deforest, President/Producer, Lake Paradise Studio, 2009


“Tena Rae has that special "something" that immediately captivates the listener. She has the unique ability to sell a song with a combination of superior vocals and real emotion. She can be powerful as well as intimate, and her choice of material and production style is beyond reproach.”

Mark Richardson, President, Eclipse Music Productions, 2010



Katy K

Katy K single and DVD available now! (Click HERE to see full artwork)

Katy K single cover Katy K DVD cover

KATY K’s story…

This beautiful black horse brought hope and healing to Tena Rae through God’s love. Tena Rae became very ill with Lymes Disease, to the point of extreme pain and weakness when she tried to walk. Kenneth Ladd, owner of “Ladd’s Dark Horses,” was a fan of Tena Rae’s music and knew of her life-long love for horses. He contacted her family with news of his black filly that needed love and attention. He knew that Katy K would be perfect for Tena Rae’s special needs.


It is said that a horse’s eyes are the window to the soul. The moment Tena Rae and Katy K looked into each other’s eyes, they were destined to be together.


Tena Rae began working with Katy K -- handling, grooming and spoiling her rotten. Katy K gave Tena Rae the motivation and strength to fight her disease, making her stronger every day. By the time Katy K was ready for her first ride, Tena Rae’s health had dramatically improved.


Tena Rae is now fully recovered. Katy K is not only her horse, but also her special friend and companion. Katy K is the first to hear Tena Rae’s new songs, and she is a natural performer in Tena Rae’s music video titled Katy K.


While watching this video, you’ll clearly see the strong bond between Tena Rae and Katy K. “Horses are spirits touched by God, and Katy K has been a tremendous inspiration in my life,” says Tena Rae.


You’ll long remember the joy of watching Tena Rae and Katy K run through lush fields of greenery and butterflies, choreographed with this beautiful song!



Check out the amazing Katy K music video by Daniel Miller!

Katy K from Tena Rae on Vimeo.


DVD Credits

Album: Embracing Every Moment

Directed by Daniel Miller

Produced by Doug Deforest

Written by Tena Rae and Bobby Terry

Record Label: FireRae Productions


Sylist: Davina Sky

Location: Lillian Farms, Brenham, TX

Photos: Kathryn Dragna Photography

Design: Tiny Empire Design






Tena Rae


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What critics are saying...

Robert K. Oermann wrote in the January 2004 issue of Music Row Magazine about Tena Rae's song "Every Time", "...Her vocals, the production, and the melody are first rate."


Larry Holden wrote in the January 20, 2004 issue of Country Weekly about Tena Rae's entire CD, "A lot of albums have only a couple of truly standout tunes, but Tena's CD is loaded with great songs sung greatly."





Tena performes on Fox


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Tena Rae on the radio

Tena on the radio April 22, 2003
Tena Rae and Heather Hays on radio with Pugs and Kelly

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